Gift These Accessories To A Wine Lover Who Travels

Gift These Accessories To A Wine Lover Who Travels

Sampling local wines is an important part of travel experiences for a wine aficionado. An oenophile may be picky about the type of wines they keep at home. They know the difference between a cabernet and a Syrah and if you don’t share this interest, buying them wine may not be the best idea for a gift. However, all is not lost. There are a number of wine accessories gift set you can gift them to make birthday, anniversary and house warming celebrations more special. Here are a few ideas.

Wine bottle travel bags

It isn’t enough to drink local wines when you’re travelling; wine lovers often bring back a few bottles with them. After all, it’s cheaper to buy the wine there and then than to buy it as imported wine back home. The trouble is that wine is packaged in glass bottles. These bottles are fragile. If they break inside a suitcase, not only will the wine be lost, it may also ruin everything else in the bag. So, how about gifting your friend a pack of wine bottle travel bags? These can be described as leak proof bags that secure the bottles and buffer them from jolts. Thes4e bags are usually available in single packs as well as packs of 4 or 6 bags.

Cocktail Sets

Wine is the base for many elegant cocktails. This makes cocktail sets the best wine accessories. Cocktail sets can be as simple and minimalistic or elaborate. Look for sets that include the basics- a strainer, a jigger, ice tongs, a muddlers and a wine opener. You could also include add ons like cloth napkins and a pair of glasses. Some cases even have storage compartments for a bottle or two. These cases may be designed as totes or backpacks. Another interesting idea would be to make your own cocktail set and include a portable wine aerator as well. To give a more personal touch, why not gift them a small recipe book of dishes that complement the wine the most?

Folding wine cooler

Unlike hard liquor, wine is typically enjoyed without water or ice. However, serving temperature plays an important role in bringing out the best flavor of the wine. It should be cool but not too cold. This is why you’ll find a wine cooler in every wine connoisseurs home. Carrying this wine cooler along on a holiday is not an option. But, there is an alternative. You can get your friend a folding wine cooler. These collapsible wine coolers are made out of waterproof fabric and a folding frame. Within just a few seconds, the cooler can be opened out and made ready to chill a bottle of wine. This gift is a good option especially for wine lovers who like to cap and hike during their travels.

Bathtub wine glass holder

Holidays are the time for indulgences. What better way to define indulgence than a bathtub filled with bubbles and a glass of wine? But, you can’t hold the glass in your hands throughout. This makes a bathtub wine glass holder a great gift. These holders work on suction and can be affixed to any smooth surface. They can even be used outside the bathroom.

The perfect gift is not one that costs a lot but one that takes the recipient’s interests and taste into consideration. For wine lovers who travel often these gifts are practical, tasteful and sure to be enjoyed.

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