DIY Wine Gift Basket Ideas For Your Neighbour’s Party

Gift Basket Ideas For Your Neighbour’s Party

Sometimes, the people who live around us in our locality become our closest friends and companions. Yes, we are talking about neighbours and they are indeed special because they are the first ones to whom you go whenever there is a problem or even to share some happy news. So, when one of your neighbours invites you for a party this Christmas, you must turn up for the same with a special gift such as a wine cheese crackers gift basket. The pleasure of gifting as well as receiving a gift is doubled when it is made with your own hands. So, without wasting further time, let’s explore some DIY wine gift basket ideas for your neighbour’s party.

The Basket

Whenever it is about something that you are doing yourself, you have to start from the scratch. So, begin by selecting a suitable container to serve as the gift basket. There are many options to choose from and most of these will set the theme for your basket. For instance, a large colander is ideal for a housewarming gift while a wicker basket looks perfect for outdoor picnics and gatherings. Whichever basket or container you go for, make sure lining the bottom of the same with paper or cloth to give the wine bottles some cushion to rest on. Damage to the contents of the gift basket is obviously the last thing you would want to happen.

The Wine

Selecting your wine is the key task in preparing the gift basket. If you are aware of the wine preferences of your neighbour, then include one bottle of his/her favourite wine and a second bottle of something that would be new to him/her and hence, come across as a surprise gift too. However, if you are not even sure of whether the recipient would be a wine connoisseur or new to wines, it is best to avoid the more complex wines and settle with the soft and refreshing ones. Choosing a wine as per the current season is also a safe way to prepare a gift that would definitely be loved and appreciated by your neighbour.

The Cheese, Crackers and Other Foods

Wine is meant to be enjoyed with certain specific kinds of foods and therefore, no wine cheese and crackers gift baskets are complete without the addition of cheese and crackers. To be on the safer side, choose some non-perishable hard cheeses such as Parmigiano-Reggiano or Gouda. You can include some tasty options in the form of the packages of pasta, nuts, crackers, olives or even smoked salmons. If you want to include chocolates, keep in mind that dark chocolates go best with the robust wines while the milk chocolates are perfect accompaniments for lighted red wines. With the food part, you can also be a bit experimental and include an assortment of different items.

The Final Touch

Last but not the least; you can add some wine tools and accessories to personalize your gift basket. Some of the common and popular accessories include wine stoppers, aerators, charms and wine glasses. Once the basket is all set, wrap it up beautifully and make sure that all the items are cushioned enough, visible and in fact, look absolutely great.

With a DIY gift basket, you can be as creative as you would want to in order to bring a smile to your neighbour’s face on a special occasion or just like that.

Written by: Sarah from Wine Guide

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