All You Need To Know About The Different Types Of Gin

Different Types Of Gin

If you are a fan of gin and tonic, you probably know all about gin. However, not everyone is a gin fan, because it is an acquired taste. Gin also needs to be paired with the right mixer to enjoy the flavors of the alcohol. The base of both gin and vodka is the same, usually wheat, barley or rye. However, vodka is distilled multiple times but gin is actually steeped in botanicals and then distilled again. This gives it a botanical taste. This is why online gin delivery might be a really great idea for a gift hamper this festive season. Let’s learn more about the different types of gin.

London Dry Gin

London Dry Gin is the most common gin that is well-known around the world. This is the type of gin people go to when thinking about gin. Most seasoned gin drinkers will recommend London dry gin for first-timers. This particular type of gin has the dominant flavor of juniper, a wintertime berry that is has a distinct botanical flavor. This gin has origins in England but now it is produced all over the world. Some London dry gins will also be steeped in dried citrus peels.

Old Tom Gin

Old Tom Gin is sweeter than other types of gins commonly found in bars. Old Tom Gin is aged in a wine barrel, which gives the gin its caramel color. The gin, when being distilled, has botanicals but also has added liquorice to give its sweetness. This is why the gin has sweeter notes and works better with the different gin cocktails as compared to other gins.

Plymouth Gin

Different from all other types of gin, the Plymouth Gin is named after the distillery it is produced in. This gin, unlike other gins, is produced in a single place. The distillery has changed hands over the many years of its existence, but its formula remains the same. The distillery is located in the United Kingdom. Plymouth gin is dried than London dry and has a fruitier flavor. Hence, the spicy taste at the end of the Plymouth gin is its trademark.


Genever is said to be the original gin. It is made with a similar process to that of whiskey. Here, the grains are actually malted, giving it a better flavor. Juniper and other botanicals are added to the mixture, but compared to other gins; the taste is much less prominent. This malt wine spirit is turned into a mash, which is ultimately distilled into Genever. The botanicals added in this gin include cloves, ginger, and even nutmeg. However, this is also a dominant taste of citrus

Sloe Berry Gin

One of the last types of gin on our list is the recently popular Sloe Gin. This gin is made through a different process with slightly different ingredients. It is made with a berry native to England called the sloe berry. Small and plum-like in appearance, it is usually popular during the winters. The berries are steeped in gin for certain periods of time. The result is sloe berry gin or a gin liqueur. Sloe gin must have a gin base to be categorized as a gin.

This extensive list of different types of gin will give you some great gin hamper ideas for this festive season. If you are creating a gin gift basket, you know which gin to include and what mixers to put in the basket as well.

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