A Guide To Pairing Crackers And Cheese With Wines

Pairing Crackers And Cheese With Wines

When it comes to enjoying an alcohol like wine, it is just not enough to get hold of a bottle of a good brand. You need to savour the right kind of accompaniments with the wine in order to make the most of its texture and flavour. Now, cheese and crackers go best with wines and whether you are hosting a house party or sending across a wine cheese crackers gift basket to someone as a Christmas present, you need to have a basic idea and understanding of the suitable pairings. So, let’s consider each category of wines and find out what accompaniments can truly enhance their appeal.

Light and Medium-Bodied Wines

To begin with, always remember that it is good to start with the light wines and mild cheeses and then move on to the more full-bodied alcohol. This is essential to set the taste palette first and is a thumb rule for wine tasting parties in particular. In cheese, Young Gouda is a safe option because it is not strong and can be paired with white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc or even the White Burgundy. For these wines, goat cheese, mozzarella and bocconcini taste perfect. To accompany the light wines and the mild chesses, choose plain breads and crackers. These may include slices of French baguette or rich, buttery crackers that ideally compliment the crispness of the wines.

For medium-bodied wines such as chardonnay, serve the Asiago cheese, which also works with the lighter red wines such as Pinot Noir. While the cheese can still be mild like cheddar, make sure accompanying them with crackers and breads with a little complexity such as those with white sesame seeds or other whole grains.

Full-Bodied Red Wines

Full-bodied red wines, on the other hand, have strong flavours and to go well with them, you need cheeses like the Grana Padano and Pecorino. These chesses are so flavourful in themselves that neither the cheeses nor the wines will be overwhelmed by each other. Of course, you can pair nearly any kind of crackers with these strong wines and cheeses including those with caraway or strong rye tastes.

Sparkling Wines

Champagne or sparkling wine is a favorite in most parties because they can be enjoyed slowly with each sip. The acidity of the champagne matches well with the creaminess of brie and hence, they complement each other pretty well. Since brie is quite mild in flavour, it does not interfere with the flavour of the sparkling wines or the even sweeter ones. Buttery crackers or soft baguette can be made to accompany the cheese also to ensure that the wine remains the star of the match-up as it ideally should.

Dessert Wines

For dessert wines that are meant to be savoured after dinner, choose blue chesses such as Stilton, Roquefort, Cambazola or Gorgonzola. These are ideal to bring out the sweetness of the dessert wines, especially Sauternes, ice wine or Sweeter Rieslings. As for the crackers to complement this wine and cheese combination, go for the plain unsalted crackers and breads. Since they are devoid of any salty taste, they never interfere with the sweetness of the wines.

Remember these pairings and make sure that the next time your place an order for wine cheese and crackers gift baskets, you know what to look for and what customizations to go for if necessary.

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