How to Give Wine as a Corporate Gift?

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If you want your employees, bosses, and clients to know how much you appreciate them, there is no gift more practical than a bottle of wine. It is sophisticated and well-liked by plenty, making it the most usable option. Since you need to maintain a level of professionalism when exchanging gifts with people at work, wine is your best bet.

Giving someone wine as a corporate gift is the best way to applaud their hard work. Corporate gifts are needed for other occasions as well, like a boss or colleague’s birthday, signing a deal with a new client, welcoming aboard a new manager as well as for holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

While it is clear that wine gifts are suitable for the corporate culture, the challenge is picking out the right type of wine. If you haven’t talked about your wine preferences at work, there is a big chance you don’t know which bottle your recipients at work prefer. To make the choice simpler, we have a guide on how to pick the right wine to present as a corporate gift.

Choosing the Right Wine for Colleagues

Choosing a wine for employees is much harder than picking one for friends and family as you’re probably more acquainted with the latter’s choice in alcoholic beverages. Unless you’ve kept a check on the type of wine your employees or managers enjoy at corporate dinners, you might be clueless about this task. The pressure is immense since you really don’t want to disappoint your boss by going against their preference.

You could start off by striking a conversation about wine and casually discussing your likes and dislikes with them. Otherwise, you can opt for safer options that drink well and have proven to be great gifts for wine lovers. You can even make the gesture more special by giving them a wine gift set or a wine gift basket with artisan cheese.

Characteristics of Corporate Wines

Here is a list of some of the features you should look for in a wine that you intent to give as a corporate gift.


You may want to procure a rare and unique wine from a wine store that isn’t readily available in most liquor shops. This way, you can ensure you impress your boss and perhaps introduce their palate to a new kind. Any true wine lover will admire this quality.

Good Quality

When giving wine as a formal gift, you need to make sure that it boasts of high quality. You can guarantee that by ensuring the vintage or producer of the wine is promising. You can play it safe by choosing well-liked, renowned brands of wine instead of experimenting.

Easy Drinking

Unless your recipient has a home cellar, you need to make sure that you give them a wine that is mature and easy drinking, i.e. ready to drink right now. This way, you can ensure that your employees or boss can enjoy the bottle with their family at dinner and remember you in their thoughts.


Most companies set a budget for the gifts that you can give. Even if this isn’t the case, you can save precious money by not exceeding your budget. Fortunately, there are several great wines that are popular yet not overly expensive.

Popular Wines to Gift

Whether your recipient likes red wine or white wine, you will find a suitable choice to give from this list.

How to Present Wine as a Corporate Gift?

When giving wine as a corporate gift, you need to make sure you package it professionally. Personalization is necessary, especially when you’re giving everyone the same bottle of wine ahead of the holiday season.

Choose a stylish leather bow to package the wine bottle or make the gesture even more special by presenting it in a basket that they can use as a keepsake.

Order Online

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Written by: Sarah from Wine Guide