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Best Wine Gifts To Give To Your Chinese Employees This Chinese New Year

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The Chinese New Year is all about giving, be it a traditional red envelope filled with money or a bundle of scrumptious goods. If you have Chinese employees working for you, or a dear friend who is Chinese, whipping up a gorgeous gift bundle is sure to put a smile on their face and make it feel like home. This time of the year is said to bring happiness, prosperity, and good luck for the Chinese. It is ideal that your Chinese New Year gift follows gifting etiquette.

For instance, colors play an important role in Chinese New Year gifts! The color of the gift, the gift paper, and the container in which the gifts are delivered are supposed to be in yellow, red or gold color as they all symbolize prosperity and wealth. Stay away from black, white and blue colors as they symbolize death or funerals.

The Chinese are also superstitious about their numbers. A bundle of two, five, three, nine and six is safe, but the number four should be avoided as it is considered to bring bad luck. Considering all this and putting your mind into choosing the right gifts to give the perfect gift bundle for your employee this Chinese New Year can be hectic. To make sure you enjoy a seamless gifting experience, here’s a list of gifting bundles and wine baskets that respect the tradition and follow the etiquette of Chinese New Year gifting. Read on and take your pick!

Best Wine Gifts For Chinese Employees

  1. Gourmet Collection Gift Hamper

    With this gourmet collection gift hamper, indulge your Chinese employee in a chocolate paradise. This pure chocolate bliss comes in a giant striped gold gift box with glistening ribbons that set the mood for the Chinese New Year. The hamper includes nine luxurious and decadent chocolates and traditional dips with authentic crackers that assure a striking experience. It features Belgian chocolate pralines, creamy dark chocolate drops, chocolate and almond royals, and decadent coconut macaroons. The savory side comes with tomato and herb chutney, deli gourmet crackers, a mouthwatering Macadamia shortbread, flaky Danish Camembret as well as Columbian latte coffee shots.

  2. Good Fortune Gift Hamper

    Wish your Chinese employees good fortune with this gorgeous gift basket. It comes in a weaved red basket adorned with festive ribbons. The hamper features a variety of sweets, savouries and snacks that are a mix of traditional Chinese and modern flavors. It comes with organic sea bird nests, coconut slices, and home-made butter tortinas that are simply a delight. The basket also comes with Taiwanese shallot egg roll and Yun Xin Tang Tie Guan Yin, Witches, and authentic Chinese green tea that the Chinese traditionally savor on New Years!

  3. Wealth Wishes Gift Hamper

    Give your Chinese employees an authentic taste of home with this luxurious gift hamper. This gift box is as traditional as it gets, as it comes presented with 24 pieces of auspicious mandarin oranges that are stacked in an opulent Muscovite wooden brocade box, accessorized with auspicious accessories. It also features Ross cottage home-made Calamansi honey nectar, home-made mint nectar, strawberry apple tarts as well as sweet apricots.

  4. Abundance Of Luck

    Are you looking for an authentic and traditional gift hamper that screams Chinese New Year? Then check out this blissful gift hamper. It comes in a wooden Ming brocade tray adorned with traditional festive fabrics. The gift box features Lotus seat paste cakes, along with tea and 12 pieces of auspicious Mandarin oranges.

  5. Fit For A King Gift Hamper

    This gift hamper features a choice of healthy snacks and the selection of the finest fresh fruits, which is definitely fit for a king. It comes in a gorgeous wooden weaved basket adorned with golden ribbons that make this Chinese New Year statement. It has a variety of cheeses, jams, crackers, and chocolates, which denotes prosperity and luxury.

  6. Golden Vineyard Gourmet

    A hard golden basket decorated with a big white and gold ribbon makes the Golden Vineyard Gourmet unforgettable. Pamper your man or woman with a bottle of California red wine and 1 bottle of California white wine with a delightful array of tastefully chosen snacks like smoked salmon, almond Roca, flatbread crisps, Brie cheese spread, chocolate truffle cookies, butter toffee pretzels, chocolate-filled rolls, and cookies, and 6 pieces of flavored truffles. The wine gift basket delivery is free to many cities and comes with a 30-day return policy.

  7. Gourmet Bounty Trio: Wine Gift Basket

    Celebrate a union with the Gourmet Bounty Trio cheese and wine gift baskets. It features gourmet treats that pair perfectly with the wines. The hamper includes: A bottle of Regalo Valley Ranch California Cabernet Sauvignon wine. A bottle of Regalo Valley Ranch California Pinot Noir wine. A bottle of Regalo Valley Ranch California Chardonnay. Along with the wine, you get smoked almonds, Fontazzi butter toffee pretzels, Sonoma Jack garlic, herb cheese, Red Velvet cookies, classic truffles, white and milk chocolate-covered Oreos in a tin box, and much more.

  8. Kiarna Holiday Red and White Duet: Wine Gift Basket

    Two elegant wines, along with a plethora of delectable pairings, make up the Kiara Holiday Red and White Duet. The Chardonnay wine is infused with green apple, vanilla, and melon notes, and the Cabernet Sauvignon has smooth dark fruit flavors, both sourced from the Kiarna Vineyards.

    The bottles are nestled amidst chewy favorites like smoked Gouda cheese spread, sesame crackers, Lindt milk chocolate truffles, Truffettes de France Cocoa Dusted Truffles, Maxim's mint chocolates, Italian milk chocolate, Hammond's milk chocolate biscuit bar, hot honey crunch mix, Ghirardelli milk and dark chocolate peppermint bark, and spiced waffle cookies.

  9. Santa Claus Lane Wine Collection: Holiday Gift Basket

    The Santa Clause Lane wine collection comes in a holiday gift box packed with wines and mouth-watering gourmet delights. The hamper's contents include a Blakemore chardonnay wine, 1 Hobson Estate Sauvignon Blanc, a Kiarna Cabernet Sauvignon, and Vintners Path Merlot wines. The accompaniments include smoked Gouda cheese spread, Walker’s shortbread cookies, cherry strudel, Maxim's mint chocolates, Bella Campagna mixed olives, bacon habanero bites, candy cane almonds, nougat fruit and nut bites, hot honey crunch mix, Cinnamon Candy, sesame crackers, La Spiga Ciokkini Cookies, Nonni's Bruschetta Italian toast, and Truffettes de France Cocoa Dusted Truffles.

  10. Tasting and Toasting Gift Box

    The Tasting and Toasting gift box is for a man or woman who enjoys wine in good company. Crafted from California vineyards, the wines of the Regalo Valley Ranch are painstakingly created with a combination of specially selected fruits and precise winemaking techniques. The gift box with a bow includes 1 Regalo white wine and 1 bottle of Regalo red wine, accompanied by toasted crackers, olives, cheese spread, California nuts, and chocolate chip cookies.


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