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A Guide To Serving Champagne Perfectly On Valentine’s Day

Champagne Perfectly On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day, the eternal day of love, will be here soon and the date night that you have planned for months will be a reality. Whether you are already in a long-term relationship or trying to impress a newfound love, making Valentines Day memorable is a must. If you have planned for Valentine’s Day champagne, then you have to be quite careful about opening the bottle and serving the liquor in the right way. Yes, champagne is a very sophisticated and also expensive liquor, which can not be wasted under any circumstances. Plus, you would definitely not want to create a bad impression on your loved one or kill the essence and spirit of this gorgeous drink. So, here is a comprehensive guide to serving champagne perfectly on the big day.

Set the Environment and the Temperature of the Champagne Right

Champagne is too fine an alcohol to be misused. So, set the environment right by having dim lights around and your beloved engrossed in what you are saying or doing. The champagne, on the other hand, should not be too hot or too cold, both of which creates an excess of foam and lacks depth and flavour respectively. Non-vintage bruts are fine at around 8 degree C.

Opening the Champagne Bottle

Now, it is finally time to open the bottle and you must do it in the correct manner. Hold the bottle at 45 degree angle, pointed in a safe direction. Your arm holding the bottle should be covered in a napkin or cloth. Remove the small but clealry visible foil with your hands easily and then loosen the Muselet by just unwinding the folded in key on the wide. About 6 half-turns should be enough for this. Do not remove it completely however and from now on, make sure keeping a thumb pressed on the top to stop the willing cork from escaping and creating a mess.

Act fast and place the cloth napkin over the bottle’s cork. This prevents spillage while adding a touch of class. Placing your thumb back over the cork, hold the bottle firmly at the base. It should be at 45 degree as earlier. Start carefully rotating the base and not the cork till it is halfway. Wiggle the cork gently if required.

At this point, the cork will begin to release and you will feel the pressure coming from inside the bottle. Don’t let it pop out and instead, keep applying the pressing till it eases out gently. Hear your champagne whisper as the cork releases.

Keep holding the bottle in the same direction for a while and wait for the pressure to release without causing the drink to foam.

Pouring and Serving the Champagne onto the Glasses

After you have elegantly opened the bottle, place your thumb in the depression under the bottle, spreading your fingers along its body. Hold the glass at the 45 degree angle and pur down the side of the glass. Remember to pour only an inch or about 2.5 cm in the bottom of each glass to begin with and let the heads diminish. This will prevent bubble loss. Lastly, ensure that the bottle never touches the glasses. Once poured, twist the bottle quickly in order to catch any drops on the lip’s edges.

Follow these tips and tactics and make the justified use of the best champagne for Valentine’s Day. All the best!

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