A Guide To Choosing Champagne Gifts For Your New Clients

Champagne Gifts For Your Clients

The task of choosing good champagne to be gifted to your friends, colleagues or clients can be really tricky and exhausting, especially if you are totally unaware of the standards of a good sparkling wine. Here is a guide that will help you choose the finest, exceptional luxurious and sophisticated champagnes for your new clients to make them feel special during the festive season.

Gifting champagne to develop a bond with your new clients is probably one of the best ideas one could think of. Before choosing your perfect corporate champagne gifts, consider the following factors.

Wine vintage

The wine vintage is about the time or years the grapes were harvested. This is one of the most important factors to ponder on as it greatly affects the taste and quality of the champagne. Do a little research about the brands of sparkling wine, their vintage, quality, origin, weather of the harvest time among other conditions. These will give you a fair idea about the wine and help you decide whether to buy that particular brand.


Well, considering the dryness or sweetness of a particular champagne is a must before gifting it someone. If the person or your new clients do not have a sweet tooth, then look for brut sparkling wines. Krug, Brut 2004 is great champagne for those who like brut sparkling wines. On the other hand, doux wines are a great choice for those who love to relish the sweetness in their drinks. Graham Beck Bliss Demi Sec is the finest choice of sweet champagne.


Consider the size of your champagne gift before picking the right bottle. If you are giving it to a special client or friend, then go for the standard size bottles since this is more personal and close-knit. Whereas if you are thinking of giving a holiday treats or Christmas gift to your clients, then magnum is the best option. Remember, when it comes to sparkling wines, the smaller the bottle, the finer the product is. Almost all renowned champagne brands keep both standard and magnum options in their offers. Buying mini champagne bottles bulk is a convenient idea too.


This is one of the most important factors, considering the personality of the person or persons you are gifting the champagne to. We all know that champagne bottles are aesthetically pleasing but beside the taste, other factors that play important roles are style and appearance of the package. Crystal Rose 2009 is a great choice when you look for a style and taste combination in a sparkling wine category. Also, consider the occasion you are gifting the champagne on. If it is a thanksgiving champagne for a successful completion of a project, Dom Perignon 2009 x Tokujin Yoshioka is a smart choice.

Wine sellers’ advice

This is important too if you are not much knowledgeable about the best sparkling wines that can be gifted. Do not get carried away by the bottle style, designing and colour. A lot of poor quality wines are often sold in such a pleasant manner. Seek the wine sellers’ advice if you are in double minds about your pick.

Producers and regional classification

Champagne is not cheap. Therefore, before investing your money, read the label on the bottles carefully to know about the manufacturers. Maisons, Cooperatives and Vignerons are the three major types of champagne producers that are classified in terms of their size of production. Similarly, under the regional classification you will get to know about the vineyard where the grapes were grown for this particular wine. Regional traits are essential if your clients attribute champagne quality to its geography.

Written by: Sarah from Wine Guide