A Guide To Choosing Champagne For New Year's Eve


No other beverage in the world is more associated with New Year’s Eve celebrations than champagne which is viewed as the pinnacle of sparkling wines. Considering its vast array of labels, choosing the best New Year champagne for your gala can really be a daunting task. But, if you follow these tips, your task of choosing the ideal Champagne for the New Year’s night will be easier.

The wise idea is to buy several bottles of different kinds of champagnes and chill them well in advance. This helps you re-serve your visitors and guests before they finish their glass. Keep sufficient bottles of the same champagne in stock so that you have to mix the drinks.

Best Rose in the house

Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose is the best rose to add colour to your New Year party celebrations. This label may come from the lesser known champagne house but it is widely available. A small percentage of Pinot Noir is added to the bland that makes it a perfect pink-hued wine which is light, elegant followed by a fresh finish of a flavour raspberry.

Keep a decent boutique brand

The delight of serving some boutique brand champagne of a unique taste to your near and dear ones at a party is unmatchable. AR Lenoble Brut Intense is one such champagne that is extremely balanced and pleasurable to drink, right from the first sip to the end, and therefore, excellent value for money for your New Year eve’s champagne.

For a glamorous night

Vranken Cuvee Diamant Brut special is the go-to wine for a group of classy and stylish guests. This champagne that cuts like a diamond comes in a cool sleek bottle. The flavour is sublime with a riot of sparkling bubbles when poured. The wine is very powerful yet refined.

Don’t forget the overall crowd pleaser

We often end up having a large number of guests in a party, especially if it is a New Year celebration. Pommery Brut Royal is a reasonably priced delightful drink that is a crowd pleaser in a big gathering. This is well-loved and favourite classic champagne across the globe. Its golden bubbles come with a mild citrus taste and a very soothing creamy finish.

For those with a refined palate

If you are looking forward to get a nod of recognition for serving them the finest champagne of the season, then Bollinger Special Cuvee is the wine to choose for the evening. The biscuity richness and an elegant yeasty flavour can be tasted in this wine which is aged for around 10 to 15 years. This is the champagne for those with refined palate.

Keep the versatile style of champagne ready

Similar to wines, champagnes are also made in varied styles with different proportions of grape varieties. If you try a large maison’s non-vintage blend champagne, you will find a composition of three grape varieties into it. This is people-pleasing champagne which is often named as the “calling card” of a party house. When you are the host at a party, try to avoid speciality champagnes like blanc de blancs which is made only of Chardonnay or extra bruts in which you will find very less sugar content. A versatile champagne will always suit all palates at a party.

Flatter with food

Champagnes go best with creamy, slightly salty and rich delicacies. The acidity of champagne offsets the richness of the food and keep you want to crave for more. Mushroom and cream appetizers, puff pastry, seafood snacks with rich and silky cheese are some of the finest companions of the best sparkling wines available in the world.

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