The Best Glasses For Drinking White Wine

Best Glasses For White Wine


According to some people, you can pair wine with anything that you desire, with no hard and fast rules regarding specific wine and food pairings. The same way, any glass will hold good for you as long as you enjoy drinking the wine. But things may be different for connoisseurs of wine who see things with a fine pair of eyes. And little wonder why we have different glassed for drinking red and white wine.

The difference, they reckon, lies in the manner in which these glasses affect the taste and flavours and aromas of the drink, something that might not be comprehensible to the beginners. We believe that apart for holiday tumblers, all you really need to drink wine, or white wine, in particular, is a set of universal glasses that are great for both whites and reds.

Two of the best pair of white wine glasses we could find online are discussed below -


A beautiful set of wine glasses will never cease to please, but you don't have to deal with the burden of having a particular type of glassware for specific bottles of wine. This piece of 4 wine glasses will cater to most of your wine requirements, pairing excellently with your treasured bottle of white. It will also go well with red or bubbly as it is a universal wine glass set. Some of the features of this set include the following -

Lead-free crystal

Holds 22.2 oz

Height: 8.85 inch

Dishwasher safe

Made in Germany

Some customer testimonials -

These wine glasses have a very elegant look and a nice weight to them. We use them for reds, whites and sparkling. The perfect all-purpose wine glasses, highly recommend.

They are really nice glasses. Perfect weight and feel.


The set of wine glasses is a comprehensive match made for white wines if there was such a thing. Its lean bowl captures and harbours fragrances of your desired precious white wines. Its fragile and unusually thin construction gives you a feeling of grasping luxury with your hands. Apart from being such an extravagance, it is dishwasher safe so you don't have to worry about cleaning it after a night of wine debauchery. You can set these glasses apart for each time you indulge in drinking white wine. You can get them for $96 but they can compete against any high-end glassware for white wines on the market today.

Some product details -

Set of 6

19 oz. capacity

9 3/15" high

Dishwasher safe

Wine glasses with stems will always supersede the ones that come without, at least in our opinion. So choose wisely for that special dinner party you are about to host. You will find a range of options for Wine glasses online , so many that you might get disoriented about which one best suits your needs. Although stemless glasses will provide you with a distinct look, the stem ensures that you serve the wine in a more formal looking manner. While the stemless is fine for TV nights, if you have guests over, you should unquestionably go with the ones with stems. Stems offer many bonuses, like not having to conduct your body heat to the wine while holding it in your hand. And well, clinking the glasses is definitely much more fun with stemmed glasses!

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