The Best Red Wines You Can Use for Cooking Special Meals

The Best Red Wines You Can Use for Cooking Special Meals

The festive season is approaching fast and you might already be busy planning for house parties and get together with friends and family. Now, no occasion or celebration is complete without good food and the pleasure of cooking up special meals and be appreciated by one and all is simply incomparable. Although you might already be acquainted with the fact that the addition of red wine can lend an excellent flavour to such special delicacies, you might not have tried it hands on yet. Well, you cannot of course add any type of wine to any type of food out there even though the wine baskets delivery services make the wines readily available. There are certain combinations, as discussed here, which truly create magic and let you and your dear ones have a wonderful time gorging on mouth-watering dishes.

Merlot with risotto

The match between merlot and risotto is not just one of the most common red wine and food combos but also among the most loved ones. There is a kind of fruity flavour that comes from the strawberry, cherry, plum and watermelon present in the merlot. These flavours work well in somewhat toning down the complexity of the earthy aroma and fragrance of the food. When you sauté your risotto in red wine, make sure that the risotto is consumed with wild rice, wild mushrooms and of course, a lot of herbs.

Shiraz with steak

There is no doubt about the fact that a steak tastes the best with a perfect wine and an equally perfect sauce. However, the combination turns out to be lethal when the sauce itself is made from a red wine like Shiraz. Once you are done preparing the steak, just add a bit of the alcohol onto your fry pan along with water, salt, soy sauce, butter, pepper and a little cornstarch. The bold and deep taste of the wine enhances the smoky flavours of the steak to let you experience a rich taste that stays on for long.

Red Moscato with chicken teriyaki

Chicken teriyaki is a popular Asian delicacy that is primarily cooked with rice wine and sugar. However, you can replace both of these ingredients with Red Moscato and do away with the sugary taste altogether. Wondering how to go about it? Well, simply marinate your chicken in Red Moscato, pepper, garlic and soy sauce. Grill or stir fry the marinated chicken while sautéing the onion and garlic in the pan at the same time. Add the chicken and cook until it’s a bit thick. Sprinkle some sesame seeds on it and a dish that makes your guests drool is absolutely ready to be served.

Pinot noir with roasted chicken

A buttery sauce made from pinot noir is a must for any roasted chicken preparation. When you start cooking the chicken, set aside some of its juice and sauté the garlic and the onions. As and when the onions get caramelized, you should be ready to add the pinot noir. Wait for a few minutes to let the alcohol reduce in its volume and the taste to develop gradually. Once this happens, you can add about half cup of water and ¼ cup of butter. The pinot noir works magic in bringing out the earthy, tangy and herby flavour of the sauce while adding a perfect glaze to the chicken.

Try these excellent red wine and food combos and enjoy Christmas to the fullest.

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