Best Cheese and Wine Pairings that You Should Know About

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Any house party these days is incomplete without alcohol. It is simply because drinking is a great way to relax on a weekend or holiday and can make socialising fun and easy too. And if you wish to keep things classy, you can order wine online and make sure everyone enjoys some popular flavours and aromas while having a good time. Whether you are throwing a party to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, promotion or the party is just aimed at bringing close friends together, there is nothing like a glass of wine to get things going. So, read on to know about the 5 top wine varieties that can impress any guest and liven up the ambiance in seconds.

Wine and cheese is a classic combo that many people think can never go wrong—but is that true? Food and wine should complement each other, or else it might alter the taste of your wine altogether. An acidic flavor paired with spiced chili? A big no-no! For this reason, it is important to understand the two things you are putting together.

If you’re looking to send out a wine and cheese hamper to friends or family, you might need some direction. Here we have listed down the best cheese and wine pairings that will have you salivating even as you read this!

  1. PINOT NOIR WITH GRUYERE – There isn’t any wine lover how hasn’t heard of pinot noir. It is a tasteful light red wine, with acidic notes, whatever the region. Pinot noir provides a clear taste of red berry fruit, which is why it makes the perfect complement to a nutty cheese like Gruyere. Both the wine and cheese have similar characteristics, so they would actually nuance the overall flavor. With a similar aroma, flavor profile and complexity, pinot noir and Gruyere make one of the most popular cheese and wine hampers to send to your friends.
  2. SAUVIGNON BLANC WITH GOAT CHEESE – There are very few wines that come close to competing against Sauvignon Blanc. Given the light and refreshing nature of this white wine, you need a cheese that provides just enough tartness to go with it. The Sauvignon Blanc has high acidic notes like grapefruit, lemongrass and lime, all of which make a wonderful blend of crispiness. This wine would be best when paired with tangy goat cheese. The acidity of this white wine is also perfect for mitigating the heaviness of the goat cheese. The Sauvignon Blanc and Goat cheese would be one of the best cheese and wine hamper gifts on Christmas or Thanksgiving.
  3. ZINFANDEL WITH PECORINO ROMANOIf you know someone who is fond of hard cheese, you’d probably have a hard time choosing a wine to go with it nicely. Hard cheeses are not that easy to complement, as they are very sharp and peppery in nature. Given these characteristics, it requires an equally peppery wine. If you want a killer wine and cheese hamper, we suggest you go for the Pecorine Romano, a hard Italian cheese busting with flavor. Pair this nutty cheese with a wine like Zinfandel that also delivers a punch of flavor like candied fruitiness, spice and tobacco-like after-taste.
  4. PORT AND STILTON BLUE CHEESE – Blue cheese is an acquired taste, and those who love it will enjoy a wine and cheese hamper delivered right to their doorstep. Out of all the wines, Port is by far the best wine to complement Stilton, as well as other types of blue cheese. The lush texture of the Port makes it the perfect accent for Stilton. Stilton can be pungent and sharp, so the high sugar levels in Port help to make this cheese feel creamier. Moreover, given the undeniable fact that blue cheese can be stinky, what better drink than a fine-tasting, sweet wine to go with it?
  5. MALBEC WITH GOUDA – The rich, deep flavors of the famous Gouda cheese pair perfectly well with the fruitiness of the Malbec. The Malbec has a velvety texture, which is why it is able to provide the perfect backdrop to the nuttiness of the delicious Gouda. The Malbec and Gouda pairing is very well-balanced. The flavor profiles complement each other and create a heavenly combination without tasting overpowering. This is a great cheese and wine pairing that any fussy eater will enjoy.

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