The Best Champagne Food Pairings You Should Know About

The Best Champagne Food Pairings You Should Know About

Champagne and sparkling wine are among those drinks that are meant to complement your food. In fact, the taste of these wines is such that it will enhance the taste of the foods you eat. However, there are only certain types of foods that should be consumed along with champagne to elevate the flavour. If you are planning a party or get-together to celebrate a special occasion with some bubbly, it is time to figure out which dishes will pair best with the drinks. So, before you reach out to a champagne delivery provider, make sure you have the perfect menu ready.

Amazing Food Pairings that Complement Champagne and Sparkling Wine

It is time to retire the usual cheese platters and the sautéed mushrooms and treat your guests to some exciting food that will tingle their taste buds. Pair the luxury of champagne with some well-seasoned hearty dishes. Here are a few suggestions for delicious food pairings to help you plan the perfect party.

BBQ Chicken Sandwich

BBQ and champagne is an unusual combination but one that tastes absolutely amazing. For the chicken sandwich, add a smoky BBQ sauce and avoid other sauces that might be too spicy. Pair the sandwich with a sparkling wine that has a richer mouth feel and isn’t too subtle. This will prevent the taste of the barbeque sauce from overwhelming the delicate flavour of the wine. If you are a vegetarian, you can replace the chicken with tofu accompanied by a smoky sauce witch some zing and very little spice. Add a few caramelized onions and some gorgonzola cheese and see the magic the pairing creates. Chicken should be preferred over beef or pork because its relatively lighter taste pairs better with the champagne.

Fish Tacos

Another delicious dish that we don’t often see paired with champagne or sparkling wine is fish tacos. Some citrusy fish tacos paired with a sparkling wine make for a great meal. You can choose a super dry crisp wine that has practically no residual sugar in it and is also quite zingy. This is the perfect drink to go with the fish tacos. If the tacos have salsa or freshly squeezed lime juice in them, choose champagne with even higher acidity. This way, the wine will taste bright against the dish.

Vegetarian Red Bean Chilli

If you are looking for some vegetarian options for your dinner party, red bean chilli is the dish you should opt for. The sharp chilli taste and flavour of the red beans create a beautiful contrast with the sparkling wine. The crisp taste of champagne will cut through the richness of the chilli and refresh your palate.

Fresh Wrapped Spring Rolls with Spicy Sauce

Go for spring rolls freshly prepared in rice paper instead of frying them and make them spicy. While it may seem counterintuitive to pair the delicate flavour of champagne with such robust food, the idea is to find a wine sweet enough to cut through the richness. The idea is to reduce the fat in the dish by opting for fresh ingredients instead of fried so that a less acidic wine can be chosen.

It is easy to find the right wine for your menu if you can balance the acidity of the wine with the richness of the food. You can buy white wine online to save time while you prepare scrumptious dishes to go with them. A good food and wine pairing will help you have a drool worthy experience and leave your guests talking about your party for ages.

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