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  • Mistakes To Avoid While Gifting A Wine Hamper To Your Client

Mistakes To Avoid While Gifting A Wine Hamper To Your Client

Mistakes To Avoid While Gifting A Wine Hamper To Your Client

Corporate gifts represent an important aspect of the client-business relationship. It signifies that the business appreciates their patronage and would like to continue this mutually beneficial business relationship. This is why it is important to choose corporate gifts carefully. A well-curated gift to your client can leave a lasting impression in their minds and cement the business relationship, leading to a bright future. For corporate clients, a wine hamper can be an elegant and classy gift. It signifies taste and sophistication both. Here is how you can put together the perfect gift basket and avoid a social faux pas.

Keep a budget

No matter what corporate gifts you choose, it is imperative to have a budget for them. This is because there are so many options to choose from, that it becomes difficult to make a choice. If you spend too much money on one client, you will have less money to spend on other clients. With wine, you always run the risk of spending an exorbitant amount on imported wines.

Choice of wine

Choosing the right wine is important when making a corporate wine hamper. It is important to know the taste of the client while choosing a wine for their wine hamper. Red, white, rose or a mix of all these, the choice of wines should depend on the taste of the gift receiver and not the gift sender. The wine also shouldn’t be too cheap, because that sends the wrong kind of impression to the client.

Gift basket

For the gift basket, you need a gift basket. It could be anything from a wooden or metallic box, a cane basket or a box made from recycled paper. The primary point is to ensure that the basket will fit everything you intend to send to the client. The gift hamper will not just be bottles of wine; it will be much more than that.

Gift basket décor

Decorating the hamper is equally important. Ribbons, paper, fabric, personalized letters and much more make up the bulk of the gift basket’s décor. You always want to make sure the décor isn’t too garish or overdone. It should be classy and tasteful. You can opt for your company colors as a theme for the décor to showcase your company’s identity subtly.

Wine accessories

Along with wine, you can always gift wine accessories. This could include everything from wine stoppers to wine openers to wine charms. However, you can also choose to add some cheese, crackers and fruits in order to create the perfect wine platter with food. Add a small cheese knife to create the perfect wine hamper for your client.

Delivery of gift

Lastly, the delivery of the gift is just as important as the gift itself. Make sure the gift is hand-delivered by an employee from your office. The gift should be delivered to the recipient personally. These small touches will help your wine hamper stand out from other corporate gifts.

The perfect wine hamper consists of a lot of different things, and it is those small things that create a lasting impression. If you follow all these points, you will be able to make a wonderful wine hamper. Make sure to avoid going over budget, getting wine that is too cheap or not adding enough accompaniments to the wine. The art of giving gifts should be honed to perfection, especially when the reputation of a company is at stake.

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