Top Accessories That A Wine Lover Must Have At Home

Top Accessories That A Wine Lover Must Have At Home

Are you looking for some inspiration to add excitement to your love for wine? Well, if you are a hard-core wine fanatic, you must stock up on a few essential accessories that every wine lover must own. We are definitely not talking about those funny wine sweatshirts, wine-pun pillows or even those novelty cups. By accessories, we mean the equipment that you will actually require to enhance the charm of your wine drinking experience.

So, have a look at some of the best wine accessories and find out what is missing from your collection.

Wine Bottle Opener

Let’s start with the very basic, i.e. a wine bottle opener. For enjoying a good drinking experience, the very first step is getting into a bottle of wine. While you can easily come across many cheap options available on the market, what you must look for in an opener is sturdiness. So make sure to invest in a good one.

A Smaller Bottle

There are many of us who like to drink wine regularly but get satisfied with a glass or two. If you ae one of them, the best bet is to keep a smaller bottle handy. After enjoying your wine, you can pour the remaining drink into a smaller sized bottle to avoid oxygenation. You will decrease the amount of air in the bottle that will help the wine to stay fresh for a longer duration. Make sure to keep a couple of these bottles on hand and remember to rinse them between uses.

Wine Discs

Well, it is hard to pour from a bottle of wine without the annoying drip. To solve this problem, you can try these amazingly helpful wine discs. They might look like a simple invention but these unique discs are simply ingenious. They allow you to pour wine without spilling even a drop. So now there is no need to worry about stubborn wine stains on your tablecloth or your carpet.

Countertop Wine Rack

Even if you have a wine fridge, having a countertop wine rack proves to be beneficial for a lot of reasons. When you are having a party, you will need to access fresh bottles at a moment’s notice. Or, you might just want to enhance your party décor with some nice wine collection. Whatever your reason may be, you must invest in a countertop wine rack.


The Coravin is a godsend for everyone who only likes to drink a glass or two of wine every night. It is a gadget that inserts a needle into the cork and forces argon gas inside, thus allowing only the perfect amount of wine to come out without letting any oxygen pass into the bottle. Finally, when the needle gets out of the cork, the cork gets resealed like it was never penetrated. This is perhaps the best way if you want to open your most expensive wines and not let it get wasted after enjoying your share for the night.

Wine Wipes

We have all dreaded the unsightly red wine teeth at one point or another. If you face this problem quite often, its time you invest in a packet of wine wipes. Use these after you have had your fill of red wine to simply wipe off the residue from your teeth.

So, these are some of the best wine accessories gifts that you can stock up at home of purchase for your wine lover friend.

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