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5 Reasons Why Champagne is the Best Gift to Celebrate Friendship

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The history of Champagne began in the 5th century in France, and over the years from France, Champagne has traveled the world and has become a symbol of celebration. From the exclusive champagne vineyards of France, Champagne has become a go-to drink and an absolute favorite to many. Everyone loves a good bottle of Champagne.

What makes Champagne stand out from the rest of the sparkling wines is that Champagnes are the ones that are exclusively made in the Champagne region of France. Champagne is made using three types of grapes and they are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. Champagne goes through fermentation twice and thus the effervescent nature.

No celebration is ever complete without some fizz. And that's why people adore a nice bottle of Champagne. Champagne is made carefully by hours and hours of manual labor, and years of fine aging. Champagne is indeed pure labor of love. And nothing says celebration like a precious bottle of Champagne so here are five big reasons for you to grab a bottle of Champagne to have a nice time with your friends:

1. A Bottle of Champagne = millions of memories:

Champagne is truly the symbol of celebration. Champagne is always special. No one ever opens a bottle of champagne without reason - when there is champagne there is a celebration!

With the best bottle of Champagne, fun is always guaranteed. From popping the cork of the champagne bottle, the crazy times are set. Champagne can easily be an amazing gift to your friends. What makes all of our lives easier, is having a wonderful bunch of friends who are always there for us. Making memories and having fun is one of the most beautiful ways to live our lives, so a bottle of champagne is simply the perfect giftto celebrate the true meaning of friendship. 

2. An ultimate luxury experience:

We all want to feel a little bit pampered sometimes. We all would love to have extraordinary evenings and events. And Champagne is the perfect indulgence. Champagne is a costly affair. But it's not just high prices, it's an affair that’s worth the price. Drinking champagne is not just another mundane activity, it’s an experience.

Champagne found its place among the nobility and royalty during the 5th century in France. Because of its quality and the locality, it soon became the favorite of the elite class. The locality mattered when it came to champagne because the unique taste of champagne owes so much to the locality in which it's made. Champagne was enjoyed on many elegant occasions like the coronation ceremony, royal wedding, etc

So a taste of class and elegance once in a while would be an interesting experience to share with friends. Grab a bottle of champagne and you are grabbing a taste of Royal France. This happy drink is the perfect giftfor your friends if you are looking forward to indulging in a never-before kind of experience.

3. The bubbles and the toast:

One of the most interesting things after the 'pop' in champagne is the bubbles. To see all those tiny bubbles rushing inside the champagne flute is way too beautiful and cute at the same time. It might sound silly, but hey we all would enjoy it. 

Tiny little bubbles racing to reach the top and swimming around the flute as if they are chilling on a cool summer evening, it’s an absolute delight to the heart to get excited by little things like that.

And when you are holding that elegant champagne flute, then it’s time for the toast. You can't just skip it, it’s customary. How beautiful are toasts? Friends appreciating friends, saying how much they love each other, thanking each other for existing for each other, and the best part- the little teasing and roastings. A toast with a funny memory and a crazy story is a toast to be remembered forever.

Gifting Champagne could be one of the best decisions you can make, because, with Champagne in your hand, memories are easily created. And you simply become happy and excited because there are bubbles. Somewhere in between, Champagne can make you feel the little child that’s inside of us all. Isn't that a beautiful gift?

4. The Unique brand that only Champagne has:

All champagne is sparkling wine but not all sparkling wine is Champagne. That’s the thing about Champagnes. They are an exclusive affair. Champagnes are different from other sparkling wines owing to the locality in which it’s made. It gives the champagne a unique taste and feel. Because of this, Champagne is priced costlier and is rare to spot. There is something special about Champagne. And aren't unique and special gifts the best kind of gifts. When you give your friends a wonderful bottle of Champagne you can see the sparkle not just in the bottle but also in their eyes. There is a delightful excitement in them because gifting something so exclusive speaks a lot about the bond that exists between them. 

5. A Healthy Choice:

Yes, you read that correctly, Champagnes are always a healthy choice. Champagne contains polyphenol which contains antioxidants. These antioxidants help our body remove toxic chemicals and reduce inflammation. And various studies have also shown that Champagnes help prevent the deterioration of the brain cells due to oxidative stress thereby shielding the mind against serious conditions like Alzheimer's. Champagne is also a drink that comparatively has slow calories but one should always keep in mind to consume Champagne in moderation. Therefore, Champagne is not just an expensive indulgence it has its perks of being a healthy drink. And we all know that healthy gifts are a showstopper in 2022.