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Halloween is just around the corner and if you are worried about turning it into the spookiest day with lots of memories then do not worry. We have the best wine and cheese hampers, amazing halloween wine offers and the stunning spooky wine basket ideas just for you folks all around the world.

These are the top 10 last-minute Halloween wine gifts that you can order online with free shipping.

Wine and Cheese Hampers

Selecting the Halloween wine offers that complement the cheese perfectly is a battle that is yet to be won but we have made it easier to select your favorite among the following.

As history speaks volumes it highlights the importance of fermented wine throughout Greece, Italy and other countries which coincidentally were paired with the sweet-n-salty cheese saved for the winter months.

Thus, cheese and wine, a historical combination, are highly in demand as cheese neutralises the taste of the fermented wine, it is a must combo for dinners or parties.

So the different types of cheese are:

  • Boerenkaas - The cheese comes in golden colour with a dense, creamy character and is known to acquire a caramel tone as it ages. The cheese darkens and slowly progresses to butterscotch as the cheese matures as well as the structure becomes stronger with the flavours that become richer, with both saltiness and sweetness that are enhanced. An aged Boerenkaas smells like whiskey. Try pairing it with a dry amontillado sherry. But don’t be disappointed when port wine on the other hand can also handle its intensity.
  • Cashel Blue - Cahsel Blue is a sharp and acidic cheese when blooming.But after it matures it becomes more creamy. The cheese’s creaminess will complement nicely with a sparkling wine, while an amontillado sherry can be paired with its pleasant personality. A port wine, such as Sauternes, will also go well with it.
  • Cheddar - Cheddarusually has a sturdy, crunchy and smooth texture all at the same time. The aroma and acidity are well complemented, with a morsel leaving balanced flavours lingering long after dissolving.You can pair it with red wines that are intense as well. Bordeaux can easily compliment the cheese.
  • Roquefort - If the cheese is evenly distributed and well-made,a moist, ivory paste, a characteristic distinction of Roquefort is observed. The cheese must be smooth and composed of balanced flavours. Roquefort is always strong and flavorful and can be paired with a rich dessert wine, like the Sauternes or Banyuls to match the strong taste of the Roquefort.
  • Durrus - As the ferments it turns a pinkish orange and gives off tasty but flavourful aromas. The cheese is marketed when the rind and interior are still pliant and moist. You can pair it with wines like a Syrah or a Gewürztraminer, which is required to match the intensity of Durrus Cheese.
  • Taleggio- A fermented Taleggio will have a significant amount of grey mould on the rind. The cheese is known to enunciate the smells of earth and mushroom on one hand and on the other the smooth and salty flavours.It will definitely pair well with the red wines of Piedmont like Barolo and Dolcetto. You can experiment with spicy white wines that are also an amazing match for this incredible cheese. Also try it with a dry Pinot Gris for a handsome combination that lingers on your palate.

  • 10 last-minute Halloween wine gifts

    The top 10 last-minute Halloween wine offers and gifts include:

  • Cool Wine Glass Carving on Halloween Pumpkin- It is for all those crazy wine lovers. They will surely appreciate this.
  • Bloody’ Red Wine Chocolate Naked Cake-Cake lovers who want all your guests get spooked this is the choice to go for.
  • Bat Wine Glasses- If you are well-versed in a little bit of diy then try to paint the lovely bats on the wine glasses to stand out among the crowd.
  • Vampire Wine Bottle Coffin- Wine lovers, Halloween is a time that gives you a lot of scary chances to let go and enjoy and this Vampire wine bottle coffin can be diy or bought ready-made. Be ready to scare your guests away.
  • Wine Glasses-Though the thought behind this gift is rather old-fashioned it, buying the Wine glasses with the newest designs and trends will be a greatest gift for your guests. It will surely be a party stopper.
  • Personalized Engraved wine bottles- These will be an amazing addition for a Halloween party that is filled with guests from all around the world.
  • Wine carriers- This is most useful if you wish to carry wines to picnics or parties to look chic and casual.
  • Wine-scented candles- They are housed in ex-wine bottles. They're the ultimate wine gift.
  • Wine Passion Journal- Have you had many glasses of wine and have no memory. Whether a wine amateur or full-blown wine lover, they will surely journal every bottle, every impression, every thought throughout their experience.
  • Cheese Spreads- Different types of wine complements and contrasts different cheeses so buy the Cheese spreads accordingly either for a house party or for the individual guests living far away during the holidays.
  • These 10 last minute halloween gifts will surely help you plan your gift list accordingly with enough surprises and scares.These 10 last minute halloween gifts will surely make their mark in a halloween party.

    Spooky wine basket ideas

    You can buy the Wine baskets offered on our online services and can make it as spooky as possible with the addition of threads in the style of cobwebs that will surely give off a vibe of Halloween.

    You can add carved baby pumpkins on the cheese plate for the guests and it will add as an embellishment for Halloween and is also the best spooky wine basket ideas.

    For people and kids we have Gourmet and chocolate baskets that can be packed with orange and black lights and dry ice that will give off fumes. It is a way you can turn normal routine baskets into spooky wine basket ideas that everyone will remember in the years to come.

    So, have fun this Halloween with the spooky wine basket ideas and make sure it becomes a nostalgic year for all. Happy Halloween from us at Winestogift to our extended family.

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