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  • 10 affordable white wines from france that should be in your collection

10 affordable white wines from france that should be in your collection

White Wines

The Mediterranean is a region that dons the scenic beauty of mountains and the romance of beaches, decorating itself with ancient cultural architecture and modern marvellous monuments. While its never-ending coastlines and delicacies are something that every tourist craves to experience, this region stands apart from the rest of the world in the wines it makes from its vineyards!

 Of all the European nations, France stands tall in crafting and brewing its most exotic and mystic wines. Interestingly, did you know that champagne is a sparkling wine which is created only in the Champagne region of France?  Champagne cannot be created anywhere else because it demands highly specific vineyard practices, particular regions from within the vineyard where grapes can be sourced from and highly specialised grape-pressing methods. Similarly, the secondary fermentation is also precisely described.

A nation with such obsession for its wines definitely knows a lot about its wines and that is good news for us. 

Looking for the best among French wines? White wine is the one for you:

 The diversity of wines in France is truly mind blowing and humbling at the same time. that one can find here is fascinating. Among the thousands that are found here is white wine.

 Leaving behind the subtle floral sourness of dry Riesling over the taste buds and down the throat, white wine is a heavenly ambrosia filled with complex and expressive layers. White wine is food-friendly and so, it can be enjoyed even if it is less aged. That is also the main reason for its affordable price tag.

 Thus, you have no excuse to not have white wines from France in your collection!

 Best white wines gifts to have at your bay:

 The white wine collection from France is an exclusive one. It offers a lot of options and diversity to choose from as white wine gifts. This makes it an incredible option for gifts for any occasion. And for this reason, our website has collated the best white wine gifts, which you can even send as a white wine gift to France.

 What is more interesting about wines, in general, is that you can incorporate them for any event whether it is a celebration or not. Therefore, explore our online shop to undertake a white wine delivery to France. Given below are our 10 best choices.

1. Bergsig Estate Sauvignon Blanc: This wine is a classic. It is a drink that will impress your tastebuds with the taste of lemongrass, ripe apple, and pear.

2. Moulin De Gassac Faune Igp White Wine: A perfect drink to go along with a hearty meal, this wine arrives with a fruity and velvety flavour. It can be a nice white wine gift to present even to a non-avid drinker.

3. Moulin De Gassac Chardonnay Doc White Wine: What makes wines different from other beverages is that they complement the food well. This one is also no different. Instead, it even bonds well with white meat and shellfish with the aroma of the Chardonnay grape variety.

4. Chilinero Sauvignon Blanc: This white wine is a fruity paradise. The drink accommodates the aromas of passion fruit and grapefruit  along with the subtle essence of citrus to complete the package.

5. Château Les Aoc Côtes De Provence Whiteorganic: This is a beautiful drink that will add a sparkle to any collection. It would make an incredible white wine gift due to its rare attribute and complex aromatic palette will persuade just about anyone.

6. Moulin De Gassac Eraus De L'hérault White Wine: This is quite a classic wine to have. With its freshness and minerality, this can be a drink for any occasion and a gift for everyone.

7. Moulin De Gassac 100 Viognier Doc White Wine: It can drink alone alright. This white wine gives a subtle balance of freshness. However, to extract the best of Viognier, it has to be partaken with the delicacies of white meat and cream. Only then will you be able to enjoy the drink at its best.

8. Vin Blanc Dinde Sauvignon Sula Vinewards: It's herbaceous, crunchy, and dry. This white wine is loaded with the essences of pepper and tropical fruits such as passion fruit and gooseberry which gives the drink a tangy and racy finish at the end. In addition, it also surprises the drinkers with the creaminess and freshness only it can provide.

9. Soif D'évasion Chardonnay De L'ile De Ré: This is a genuine product of the French island that receives favorable weather to grow the best vineyards. It has a Chardonnay which gives the wine clear and golden reflections. In addition, its fragrance of white flowers, citrus, and rose is a pleasant treat for the nose buds. And on the palate, it is even better.

10. Bodegas Riojanas Puerta Vieja Blanco: This wine gives an intense fragrance of freshness and fruitiness. It does not overpower the taste buds and maintains a sense of integrated sourness, leaving behind a floral aftertaste to savour.

Wines never fail anyone. And white wine is perfect to suit any event. The underlying diversity in the variety makes it an amazing option to explore while seeking white wine gifts online. So this year, make white wine a constant presence in all your joyful events. It certainly will add more bubbling enthusiasm to them.